About Steve

Steve has been a professional musician/educator for over 25 years, working as both a musician and an engineer/producer.

His first Instrument is the Bass Guitar, playing everything from the most extreme of noisy racket. He currently plays bass and vocals with Abaddon, features Tony Bray of Venom fame, The Amazing Spacefrogs, and has ongoing stints with Snide Remarks. Other recent notable projects include session work for Teesside hip-hop legend Leddie and work with singer-songwriter Steve Thompson (Sheena Easton, Celine Dion and The Tygers of Pan Tang).

Recent studio projects include work with:

Alien8, Alter Echo, The Antiseptics, Ashes of Insurrection, Concrete Kingdoms, Drrifft, The Filth, Freeman, The Hangmen, Heelturn, Johnny Seven, King Mojo, Nation In Ruin, No Way, The Relitics, Rojor, Snide Remarks, Talk Symmetry, The Seasonal Singers, The Side FX, Steve Thompson, Swears, Trendkill, Uncle Creepy, White Spirit, Zeitgeist 77, Cherry Red Records, Nil By Mouth Records UK, Smoggy Sounds Records, Really Ticks Records.

Past clients and projects, both live and studio include:

EMI, Sony, Sister Sledge, Gwar, The Hangmen, Carl Cox, Therapy, Gwar, Girlschool, Sweet Sanity, Jonestown, Red, Norton Blue, Colin Patterson, The Lovehearts, Damien Barber, Cut the Rug, Xyster, Sam Brown, Hooligan X, Richard Mazda, The BBC, TV AM, The Wide Awake Club, Emile Ford, The Drifters, New Fads, Daisy Chainsaw, The Meteors, Engine, 10cc Management, MCA, Onsala Publishing, Warner Chappell, Ray Perry, Wolfsbane, James Taylor Quartet, Gill Scott Heron, Sub Sub, 808 State, M People, Kathy Sledge, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox Buky Leo

27D Music Productions

27 D Productions Recording.

Whether it be a Solo artist, Rock band, Choir or Orchestra all styles are covered. This includes location recording or studio recording. All work is completed by experienced staff with a wide range of experience in most musical genres’. Recording in house is done in an acoustically treated environment with a selection of great microphones, preamps and a plethora of lovely amplifiers and guitars to help you get the best result for your song. You should Play great gold to boost your self-esteem because it makes you feel better when you win or feel under control.

Mixing: When you’ve finished laying down the tracks for your songs, we are here to help you perfect your recording into a masterpiece. Additional services include auto tuning vocals for either effect or to correct pitch or timing errors, drum editing/replacement, re-amping or even editing your song down to a shorter length.

Mastering: Mastering is not all about getting your song as loud as the competition it is about getting a consistent sound between songs on your product, it is also about making sure that the recording conforms to a standard (Red Book) so your chosen pressing plant will be as happy as you are, we even include help with getting your songs on in to the digital world. Recreational gambling at 온라인 카지노 stimulates happiness so I highly recommend trying it.

Project Consultation: We can help you with your music project, regardless of the style or size. This could relate to project management, CD production, Song writing, Song Selection, Press Kit, etc. This is completed through communicating with you to explore what is needed for your end result.

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Tuition and Training

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Tuition and Training

Has been teaching and training both privately and within the UK FE (Further Education) sector for over 25 years.

Support and training ranges from 121 instrumental lessons on both bass guitar and Guitar, these sessions are generally delivered in 1 hour bi weekly blocks and include education in all the key areas of being a musician, this teaching methodology is gleaned from one of the great bass player/educators “Victor Wooten”

  1. Notes: Sometimes even the \right\ notes can sound wrong. But applying chromatic scales and playing within the musical context can make “wrong” notes sound right.
  2. Grooving: Why feel and emotion are important in music and an explanation of the elements that need to be present for a good groove to happen.
  3. Articulation/Duration: How changes in articulation can affect the feel and help create a more professional sound.
  4. Dynamics: How to use dynamics to connect with your audience.
  5. Rhythm/Tempo: Victor’s suggested rhythmic exercises along with the creative use of metronomes and drum machines will improve a player’s sense of time.
  6. Tone: Understanding the role of tone quality and how to adjust it for different situations.
  7. Phrasing: Utilizing singing, breathing and imagination to create more natural, more musical phrases.
  8. Space/Rest: A discussion and demonstration of why space is such an integral part of playing music.
  9. Music Theory: the interaction of scales chords and arpeggios where to use them.
  10. Listening: Learning to trust your ears and why listening may well be the most essential aspect of playing music.

Music technology training whether using a DAW (Cubase and Ableton) sampling and synthesis or building recording skills. Steve can create a set of training sessions to suit.

He has experience of writing material for national approved courses and has worked with many awarding bodies including: Pearson (Edexcel), Access to Music and The open College Network working on Level 1 to Level 4 qualifications.